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    Do you have a plan for your business? Do you have a clear idea of what defines success in business for you? Do you understand where your business fits with the bigger picture issues in your life? Does it support your personal life? Or does it dominate it?

    We can work with you to help you find an answer to these questions.

    We are looking to work more closely with a selected number of business clients, to effectively sit on the same side of the desk as them and help them make their businesses work for them in the way they want them to. We want them to benefit from having the ability to make decisions based on forward looking information, rather than just historic accounts. Identifying and measuring leading rather than lagging performance indicators is just one way we do that.

    If you are a business owner with 3 or more employees you might like to contact us for a free paperback “How to Win Customers and keep them for Life’ by Michael Lebouef. This book gives some terrific insights into how much of a difference outstanding customer service can make to any business, and underpins our approach to helping you.

    The March 2009 MYOB Small Business Survey revealed that a significant 78 percent of small business owners surveyed have not spoken to their accountant about developing a plan or strategy to ensure their business survives through a potential economic recession. The article below (taken from Dynamic Business Magazine) gives some free advice to business owners wondering what needs to be done to prepare for the end of a financial year – we at AB Accountancy are sure you will find it of value.

    Year End Basics for Businesses

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